Rancourt Land Clearing History

Rancourt Land Clearing is a friendly, family-owned, Land clearing company servicing all of New York and Connecticut. We take pride in our work and operate in an environmentally conscious manner.

In 1966, Denis Rancourt, the founder of Rancourt Land Clearing, relocated to the United States from Canada in search of work, a better life for his family, and the American Dream. His success story continues to be an inspiration to us all.

With with only a chainsaw and determination, Denis began his legendary career. Those who witnessed him in the woods quickly realized how remarkable he was. He was always known as hardest of worker, never stopping until his work was completed. No matter how difficult a job was, he always found a way to get it done. Denis had an astonishing ability to cut down a tree in any direction that he chose. He will always be known in the industry as one of the best to ever operate a chainsaw.  Denis truly was “Mr. Chainsaw”.

In 2002, the next chapter of Rancourt Land Clearing began when Denis and his wife Liette began working with their son, Peter. Together, they all became unstoppable and the company quickly grew. In 2003, with the purchase of a new remote-control horizontal track grinder and an excavator, Rancourt Land Clearing expanded its operations into stump removal and grubbing.

Rancourt Land Clearing quicky became known as the complete package for land clearing, brush mowing and stump removal.

In January of 2020, Rachael Rancourt joined Rancourt Land Clearing continuing the tradition of being family owned and operated.

Thanks to the example set by Denis, honesty, hard work, and determination are the cornerstones of Rancourt Land Clearing today.

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