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What Do Land Clearing Services Do?

Most of the time, lot clearing basically involves the same thing, although the amount of time it will take varies depending on the project. In short, the process includes surveying the land against the blueprints for the construction to figure out what needs to be done. Then, the land clearing services will get the land to a point where it’s ready to be built on.

This process often begins with clearing away any vegetation or large rocks on the land. Bushes and trees offer major obstacles for most construction projects. Even if a tree isn’t really in the way, its roots can become an issue years down the line.

The next step involves grading the property. Again, the process depends somewhat on exactly what the land is like. Things like erosion prevention and drainage control may be necessary to ensure the land will hold up over the years. Installation of wells or septic systems may also be part of this process.

Other grading tasks might include:
Building an access road
Connecting the site to utilities like electricity and water
Digging a basement or foundation
Demolishing current buildings
This process can sometimes be slowed down by the need for building or construction permits. These permits can also add new fees to the building site preparation costs.

Do You Need Excavation?

Excavation is one more major factor in getting land ready to build. You won’t always need excavation, but it’s necessary before starting a lot of construction projects. If you do excavate, keep in mind that erosion control will be even more necessary afterward.

If you plan to build a structure that has a foundation or basement, you’ll definitely need to excavate. But even if not, most homes and other structures require excavation to get started. Sometimes, excavation is even necessary to turn the land into a garden, pasture, or farmland.

With excavation, the cost also varies depending on a lot of factors, but you’ll generally be spending about a couple thousand dollars.

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