Grubbing & Stump Removal

Grubbing and stump removal is the second step to getting you a dig-ready site in the land clearing process. After tree clearing is complete, all remaining stumps, wood debris, and slash must be removed before you can begin working on your construction site.

Rancourt Land Clearing Stump Removal Services for the New York Area

Grubbing & Stump Removal that Won't Harm Your Land.

Rancourt Land Clearing Stump Removal of Connecticut

One of the biggest concerns in the stump excavation process is soil erosion. Soil erosion happens when valuable topsoil wears away due to strong winds or precipitation. If a land clearing company does not have the (1) right equipment, (2) expertise, and (3) care for erosion-control, the grubbing and stump removal process can cause serious damage to your land and the environment.

How do we mitigate erosion at Rancourt Land Clearing?

1. Our Cutting-edge Equipment Reduces the Impact on Your Land.

We have three state-of-the-art excavators that help us to remove stumps in a more efficient and environmentally-friendly way. One of these excavators has a shear that splits and downsizes the stumps, rather than pulling them up from the ground.

What’s the advantage of this method?
It helps to retain valuable topsoil, along with the microorganisms that live in the soil, improving its overall quality. This method also reduces disturbances within the existing root system which helps prevent topsoil loss.

The next step of this process involves our horizontal grinders, which transform stumps and debris into valuable mulch. This mulch can then be used on your property for erosion control and stabilization. And since we have our own tub grinding equipment, we are able to do all of this right on-site.

This saves you money and helps to preserve the health of your land.

2. We Have the Experience Necessary to Control Erosion.

Our team has been in this business for decades. We have the training, expertise, and hands-on experience in the field required to mitigate any unwanted deterioration of a site.

We know how to spot hazards that could negatively impact the health or curb-appeal of your land. And we’re upfront and honest about what we see and what solutions we can provide. For instance, if a section of your land is particularly wet, we may suggest holding off on any land clearing, grubbing, or stump removal until the ground is frozen.

3. We Care about Preserving the Quality of Your land.

A land clearing company may have the expertise and equipment to mitigate erosion, but ultimately, a company has to actually care about reducing their impact on your land and the environment.  

Here at Rancourt Land Clearing, we specifically look for any issues that may cause unnecessary soil or land disturbances during our site assessment and throughout the entire land clearing process. We proactively bring up any concerns and offer solutions on how to reduce our footprint on your land.

We do this because we care about the well-being of your property and the environment, but also because we care about keeping your land clean and aesthetically appealing. And, for our clients who are clearing land to prepare for construction, we want to ensure that we are setting you up for success.

Our stump removal services:
• Protect your land against erosion
• Leave you with a cleaner, safer site
• Help you to start construction faster
• Reduce the overall impact on your land
• Are more environmentally-friendly

When you need grubbing and stump removal services that keep you on-time and on-budget – a company’s experience, customer service, and equipment are critical. We pride ourselves on all three.

If you are looking for quality, full land clearing services – including grubbing and stump removal – that won’t harm your land or the environment, contact us today!

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