Rancourt Land Clearing Machinery Overview

As one of the only land clearing companies in the area that owns and operates all of our machinery – we are able to clear trees, remove stubs, and grind debris faster, cleaner, more safely, and with a reduced footprint on your land. 

Tractor Trailer

Rancourt Land Clearing Tractor Trailer Servicing New York and Connecticut

Equipment mobilization is a priority in land clearing, and our tractor-trailer plays a vital role in getting all tree clearing or tub grinding projects started. Our tractor trailer hauls all of our machinery from job site to job site. All of our equipment moving is handled in-house, which allows us to guarantee the safe and timely arrival of our machinery to your job site so we can start your project off on the right foot. Learn More…

Tub Grinders

Rancourt Land Clearing Tub Grinding Services in New York

Our fleet of modern horizontal grinders is second to none. We own two state-of-the-art Vermeer grinders to suit your site-specific grinding needs. One is a remote-controlled track-driven unit, and the other is a rubber-tired unit. The track grinder is the perfect choice for removing stump piles in challenging locations.  Learn More…


Rancourt Land Clearing Excavator services for New York and Connecticut area.

Excavators are a vital tool in the land clearing process. We use two excavators to assist with our grubbing and tub grinding services. These excavators are often also used for stump removal. One of the excavators is a customized unit equipped with a stump shear to assist with the downsizing and splitting of stumps and logs to prepare for grinding.  Learn More…

Feller Bunchers

Rancourt Land Clearing Feller Buncher Services in New York and Connecticut Area

Feller bunchers are an essential tool for cutting trees quickly and safely. Using our feller bunchers, trees are rapidly cut, felled, and stacked into organized piles. Our feller bunchers are used for either selective clearing or clear-cutting. We own and operate two-track feller bunchers and two rubber-tired feller bunchers.

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Grapple Skidder

Rancourt Land Clearing Grapple Skidder Services in New York and Connecticut Area

One of the first original tools in forestry operations is a Grapple Skidder. A skidder is required after a feller buncher has completed cutting and stacking trees. Our Grapple Skidder is primarily used for dragging and transporting hitches or piles of trees to our Whole Tree Chip harvester for chipping. The skidder is also used for moving and stacking logs on a land clearing project.  Learn More…

Tree Chipper

Rancourt Land Clearing Tree Chipper Services in New York and Connecticut Area

Our Trelan whole tree chipper is the best tool for all large land and tree clearing projects. It is capable of easily processing entire trees, including limbs and brushy tops. It is also equipped with a loader for self-feeding. Whole trees are processed into chips at the landing, and chips are either blown directly into our trailer for off-site removal or left on-site if the customer prefers. Learn More…

Brush Mower

Rancourt Land Clearing Brush Mower Services in New York and Connecticut Area

Brush mowing is an option for managing overgrown properties. Small trees, brush, and vines are mulched up with our Hydro Ax mower, which is equipped with a Fecon mowing attachment. This process protects valuable topsoil by mulching the brush rather than mixing the brush with the soil. This is a popular service available to landowners to reclaim valuable property. Learn More…