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3 Great Ideas for Repurposing Land Clearing Debris

What to do with all the land clearing debris? Rancourt Land Clearing, has decades of land clearing experience and dealing with land clearing debris. Our full land clearing services will get your project on time and on budget. We are experts in tree clearing, stump removal, grubbing, grinding and brush mowing. Clearing your land for a new construction is the first step in the process, however it also results in a large amount of land clearing debris. We can dispose of this debris for you, or you can choose to re-purpose the land clearing debris in the following creative ways.

1 – Land Clearing Debris as Mulch

Instead of buying mulch, shred the bark and wood into mulch. This can be done on site by Rancourt Land Clearing with a tree chipper, this can often be done on the same day, but will depend on the number of trees that require chipping. You can then choose to keep the mulch for use on your property, or perhaps sell it to a landscaper.

Spreading well-laid mulch over your land adds an extra layer of ground protection and makes a recently cleared plot of land look more appealing. Mulch protects the soil from being washed away if there is heavy rain and also prevents the growth of unsightly weeds. Laying mulch over bare soil will also extend the length of time before the land needs clearing or brush mowing again.

Mulching also improves the condition of the soil. As this type of mulch slowly decomposes, it provides organic matter which helps keep the soil fertile. This will eventually improve root growth for future plantings, increase the infiltration of water, and also improves the water-holding capacity of the soil. Organic matter is a source of plant nutrients and provides an ideal environment for earthworms and other beneficial soil organisms.

Ask us about the option to shred, chipp and mulch any leftover trees and saplings, this can usually be done the same day your land is being cleared.

2 – Repurpose Felled Trees

Some of the trees on your land may be in good enough condition to be used to make different items. The trees can be stripped, sanded and reworked into a variety of objects, such as tables, beams or wall paneling. The possibilities are endless with virgin wood, check out these ideas to give your felled trees a new lease of life. Wood workers would love to get their hands on virgin wood that has been left untouched for many years. This type of wood is not commercially or industrially grown and is often quite old, some of the qualities that woodworkers look for.

3 – Firewood from Land Clearing Debris

Some wood is too small or not in good enough condition to be repurposed or refurbished. If that is the case the wood can always be used as firewood. Who doesn’t love a warm crackling fire on a cold and wintry night? During the warmer months, firewood can also be used outdoors, invite your friends and neighbors to a barbecue, sit around an outside campfire and toast s’mores.

Have the wood chopped and split into logs and store it in a cool, dry place. Different trees will render different types of firewood which can possess different elements of aroma and burn time, firewood from a free range tree puts out more heat because it is more dense and not grown industrially.
If you don’t have a use for firewood, you can always advertise “Firewood for Sale”, and sell it to friends or neighbors.


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